Monday, March 19, 2012

a new week

Warning photo heavy today :)  I am really excited about this bag I am making!  The pattern calls it a Striped Bag, but I've seen it called a Granny Bag and a Fat Bottom Bag, which I discovered this weekend while searching YouTube and Google to try and figure out how in the world to do the edging!  The pattern itself gave me nothing and I couldn't find any picture of any bag in progress except for the granny square itself.  I am actually no help either since I didn't take in progress shots while doing up the sides...why?  I have no excuse except my excitement at moving forward with the bag and the fact that the one tutorial I found was based on the pattern I am using but highly modified.  Now I modified the pattern myself using a different yarn then what was called for and using only 1 strand of said yarn and using a bigger hook size to accommodate my yarn, so modifying a pattern that I had never made, I bring troubles to myself  :)  SOOOO, moving on, I used up all of my Noro Kureyon and grabbed the next skein to continue on thinking that it was Kureyon as well when in fact it was Silk Garden, oopsy.  I decided to use it anyway since I was trying to get to my 24" finished square (the pattern calls for the finished piece to be 30 rounds and 60cm.  60cm = 24") Well I got almost across one side and didn’t like it, too thin compared to the Kureyon so I ripped it out and took out the Kureyon back to a finished square, which wasn’t that far back anyway.  So I finished it off at 23 rounds equaling 22 inches.  Measured well since I needed to cut fabric for the lining and then using the Silk Garden and and H hook, I started the edges.  When doing the edges I used this tutorial for reference and modified it to suit my bag.  I played with it and did a lot of holding up and looking at my bag and deciding from my visual of what I liked.  I did right down the work that I did, so that I can reference it when doing another one
23 rounds total
22 inches
Remember what I said about getting decent pictures over the weekend and the upcoming rain?  Well the above pictures are the result, no sweet natural light and with a puppy running around I had to spread out on my kitchen counter as opposed to the floor for a picture, so it's a bit wobbly and even used my big girl camera too...I may need to dust off my photography skills!
We went over to my Sister's yesterday for my Niece's birthday party so I took my bag with me and that is another reason I don't have pictures of the sides, I was working on it there and there were people all about and 8 dogs!  Yes 8 of them, my Sister has 1, my Brother and his wife (that the birthday girl belongs too) brought their 1, my Sister's friend brought her 2 plus 2 puppies from Kid's litter that she had given away when they were little things, but had to be returned because the guy that took them couldn't keep them any longer (sucky, just sucky) and then we decided to run home and get Max and Kid to compare Kid to his brother and there you go 8 dogs!  Kid had a blast and ran tons of energize off playing in the yard with my Nephew and the other dogs.  Max is always happy over there because someone always drops food :)  
I managed to get all of the edges done yesterday and last night finished up while watching Once Upon A Time and then cut the fabric (black velvet that I got as a remnant a long time ago) and started sewing.  Lesson for anyone doing this, DO NOT wait to sew the lining, do it as soon as the square is done and measured because once the edges are done, the bunches make it extremely difficult to sew the lining in.  You sew it onto the square about 1/2 to 3/4 of the last round and it won't bother the dc's that you need for the edges and will probably make your life a bit easier in the end.  Now saying that I have not sewn much on a crocheted piece before, one time to be exact way back here but that was small and flat. (and still in use today!!) Ok on with the pictures!  Edges done and sewing has begun!
side 1
Oh how I love the colors!

One side of the front, longer then the sides because I need to fold over the bamboo handles.  Did I mention the colors?

side 2
adding the lining
Just the beginning, the fabric gets a bit wonky in there and I have to be creative with how it fits, good thing this is for me!
sitting up pretty
Just showing how it will look before adding the handles.  I am going to get them on there tonight!

Kid's sister
Anyone at all need a puppy?  She needs a good home and is 4 months old right now and has a brother too (besides Kid) that needs a home, he wouldn't stand still long enough for a picture, but he's solid black with Kid's facial structure.
Spring is coming!
It was cold yesterday, but the sun was shining.  Makes for a good day to have a birthday party!  Walked around my Sister's backyard while the dogs were jumping around and took pictures of the lemon tree coming over the fence from the neighbors place.  I do love the smell of lemon blossoms.

Gotta go finish my lunch while it's hot!

Listening to: Hate Me by Blue October
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