Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh yes!

Well I seem to have settled on a design that I like.  What do you think?  It makes me happy when I pop in here and see the polka dots so this may last for a good while. Now on with other things that make me happy.

Crocheting make me happy, duh....yarn makes happy as well.  Puppies playing in my yarn do not make me happy!  Grrrr, Kid thinks everything is a toy for him, mind you that little dog had PLENTY of doggy toys.  Unsupervised for a minute and he has torn the wrapper off yet another skein of yarn.  That dog always has something in his mouth too, most of the time a piece of paper that once was a wrapper on a skein of yarn.  This morning I removed all yarn from the bottom of the shelves I set up for yarn until he understands that is mine and not his!  Hahaha, I don't even know where that rant came from, just popped in my head as I was typing!  good thing for him that he's cute ;)

I have gotten 4 flowers done so far.  Pattern found here with tutorial.  Like I said I've done 4 already and being that said they vary naturally as I use up the yarn and I like that a lot.  
Done in Noro Silk Garden
I really needed to use this bag and I am adding the flowers as I make them, just randomally across one side which is now the front of the bag.  I switched up purses this morning and I am very pleased except for one tiny thing, there is no inside pocket for my phone and I do not like my phone roaming freely around my purse, (who knows what kind of trouble it can get into) so I am going to have to come up with a plan for a pocket. Here's my bag on my desk this morning after adding the 4th flower.
4 flowers on
and another shot of filled with my stuff, really not a full as it looks, it's just sitting on my desk kind of flopped, I don't carry that much stuff!

in use
I want to walk around with it and show it off, I want to make loads more in all different colors, I want to just sit and look at it.  Right!  Back to work now.

Listening to:  Idiot by Lisa Marie Presley

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