Friday, March 23, 2012

Always look forward to the sleep in on Saturday

I can't help it.  I don't sleep in that much really, I just like the fact that I am not startled awake by my alarm.  I still get up early to walk Max, because he has a teeny, tiny bladder or actually is a very routine oriented dog (wonder where he picked that up from!) but it's not the same and he usually sleeps until the sun has come up which my alarm does not!  Anyway.......

Since I finished my bag I figured I had best get crackin' on some other WIP's.  Katlyn and I decided to settle in  and watch a couple episodes of Doctor Who (just started series 4) and though it would be a good time to pull out the Bender beanie and see what I could create.  Beanie base has been done for a little while so I needed to get going on the details.  Now seriously, I am winging this entire thing.  I searched the internet for a pattern and though I found cool pictures, I found no pattern.  Here's what I got done last night, though did have quite of bit of frogging with each piece.  I brought it to work for pictures because it's too dark inside my house to shot without a flash.  I will add the black to the eyes tonight and get them attached and do a fitting with Katlyn as my stand in for my Son.  I need to see how it fits and where I want to add the ear flaps.  I am happy with how it's turning out, who knew watching a bit of The Doctor could produce such results!
Antennae, stuffing it was a challenge!

eyeballs just need the black dots (not final placement)

here they are again, white doesn't photograph well
So that wraps up my Friday, well except that I am at work and the day is crawling along at a snails pace!  I would rather be home crocheting today.  

Listening to:  Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar

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