Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All's quiet today

I am the only one in the office and have been since 9 am, even the phones are quiet.  Oops, just heard the back door shut, someone's here.

I finished up the Cartman beanie for Katlyn, it's a simple hat anyway, I just added a little to it.  I purchased the Strata Beanie pattern awhile ago from Playin' Hooky Designs and have made many hats with it.  The hat comes out very solid and squishy, as my son says.  Solid AND squishy?  How does that make sense?  I guess you have to feel it to understand what I mean, though I'm sure there is a better term to describe it.  So I did that up and then added the yellow band and folded it up and tacked it down (Katlyn asked that I do that)  Next I did the pom-pom, so much fun with a crazy puppy who for some reason finds my scissors fascinating, he didn't care when I was wrapping the yarn around the cardboard so much, but as soon as I started snipping I couldn't keep him off my lap!  He's such a weirdo, the entire time I was shaping the pom-pom, he was sniffing around me and kept sticking he wet nose in the little fuzzy pile of yellow yarn which of course lead to him sporting little yellow bit of fuzzy all over his nose!   So here it is all finished up, I had to take a quick picture this morning and I'm telling you, there is either not enough light or too much.  I think I might need to make my own light box for my finished items.
It's a semi sunshiney day 

She let me take one as we were heading out this morning.
Now what small project can I do next?  I'm sure Katlyn will have more hat ideas and that will keep me busy and I have more fingerless gloves in the queue, so I'll see what tickles my fancy when I get home tonight.  

Ok remember how I said that I like the quiet of no one here, well the problems arises with that when my office which normally has 3 of us pinons in it has only me and I need to pee.....this could be a very long day!   I will be the one sprinting down the hall every couple of hours!  Oh well at least it's quiet and after yesterday I need the peace!  You ever notice how someone elses mood infects you?  I say infect and not affect because really it's contagious.  I wasn't having the greatest day anyway yesterday, but when you share office space with someone who is always angry it can bring you down even more.  I can't understand one's need to be so angry and yet so passive about everything.  You either have to let the anger go or fix it, I don't like the stress of being so angry about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and it doesn't do you good healthwise either!  I am ranting again, oops!  

I'm off to get some work done now, in my quiet, happy place....well I am at work, so not super happy when I could be crocheting, but alas the bills do need to get paid!

Listening to:  Bully by Shinedown

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