Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Things

As you can see I’ve been making changes.  I think change is a good thing, but I am not really sure where I stand in the changes I’ve made thus far.  I background might be too much, the header might be too little.  I am still working things out.  I do like the idea of my own picture as the background and not just a generic something, but I think I should do some toning down so it’s not so distracting.  I was unhappy with the way my header was looking because for some reason I cannot adjust it to fit properly across the top and align with everything else.  I will just keep playing with it until I hit the right combination of balance.  Stay tuned.....

Up next is my new bag!  Can I say YAY!  I am really excited to be making this bag and love the yarn.  I have used up the only skein I bought though and now have to go get another, hopefully they will have the color I need.  If not I will set in aside and start a new one :) I have a few skeins of Noro and love the color changes of it, so I will simply put all of those together, I have 5 balls total plus the squares I worked up from another ball of it, so that’s 6.  I am going to have this bag one way or another!  Heres' the progress so far.
13 rounds from the first skein
I think I will look for fabric to match while I am at Joann's tonight as well, though I don't know the finished size of the square so that would be a premature purchase.  I probably have some in the closet anyway.  Speaking of the closet, I need to whip up that project bag for my swap partner, better get that done because I like everything wrapped up and shipped by the 15th and yeah that's tomorrow!  I believe the yarn I purchased for her will be in the mailbox when I get home, silly me shipped it to my home address instead of my work address like I always do!

And now for somethings completely away from yarn and crocheting....
My alarm goes off at 6 am Monday thru Friday, I get up throw on my robe, fetch Max from his sleeping state and gather the necessary things to take him downstairs for a walk. (a flashlight is one after the time change this past weekend) anyhow, we wander out to the front of the complex so he can take care of business and I can start my day.  Well this morning we head out the gate and right in front, double parked is a police car, empty and dark....weird, but whatever not my business.  I take a couple of steps and notice 5 other police cars, all lined up, double parked, empty and no lights of any sort on.  Ok now VERY weirded out, telling Max to hurry up (yeah like he listens!)  I look up and down the street and nothing, no one at all...I am beyond creeped put now and hustle Max back inside the locked gate and go back to my happy place locked inside my condo!  We have been watching a lot of Doctor Who....things happen you know :)  Never did find out what was up, all cars were gone when I left for work a little before 8 and the street looked normal.  Who knows.
Along the Doctor Who lines, I got these for Katlyn.  She loves them and for a $1.25 made her smile big!
3-D Glasses
Can we talk about television shows for a minute?   Now we don’t watch much “TV" per se in fact there are days that go by without the television even being turned on, we do watch certain shows on Netflix but other then Once Upon A Time, there is no program that we watch on a regular weekly basis.  We watch anime series, One Piece is one that I get when the DVD sets come out in English.  We started watching Doctor Who from the 2005 revamp of the series and really enjoy it.  Now where is this going you may be wondering, I have noticed that watching this show is like having a major crush on someone.  It gets in you head, in your system.  Seriously I feel like I have some weird obsession and much as I try to keep it in check, I can’t stop thinking about The Doctor.  Is it just me...crap it probably is, I feel like some silly fangirl just typing it all out now.  I don’t mean thinking in a romantic sort of way either, it’s like I want to sit myself down and read everything and watch everything that happens in the show, it’s not a crush on David Tennant (we are on Doctor 10 right now and anyway 9 is my Doctor of choice) it’s more like a crush on the whole show itself.  I don’t know how exactly to explain it other then I am head over heels for the show right now and could easily be the crazy fangirl at any moment....oh wait, I think I may have crossed that line a bit just by typing this up!

Ok now that my crazy Tardis colored flag is waving for all to see, I better get back to work and try to pretend I'm normal!

Listening to:  Detroit Rock City by KISS
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