Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday and nothing to show for it!

I had my bag packed and ready so I could take some pictures and left it sitting on the couch this morning.  So I have no pictures and really nothing exciting even if there were pictures.  I finished up the one glove that was Tardis inspired for Katlyn and she has rejected it....said it's too boring and that she didn't want a Tardis, just a mix of the colors.  I have to agree with her, it's really not all that fabulous, just a bit flat I think.  I will take pictures though and show it anyway and maybe it will evolve into something different.  I also came up with a new square color scheme.  I have been playing with the idea of a black and white granny square since before Christmas and even bought a few skeins each of Vanna's Choice in black, white, charcoal and gray and they have been sitting in their respective bins waiting for me to do something with them.  I decided on a square starting with white, then gray, then charcoal and one final round of black for a total of 7 rounds.  Looks pretty good and I am thinking that they will look good grouped together.  Pity about the photos though...I guess I will dust off my camera tomorrow and make up for the lack of photos today!

I am in a weird mood today as well, can't really tell if it's bad or not.  Definitely leaning that way though, which is quite odd for a Friday.  I have had to deal with stupid people this morning at work and that never helps my day, you would think attorneys would be a bit nicer....oh wait, silly me I forget that they think that being nice to the person answering the phone is beneath them :)

I took some pictures at the office some there is something to look at!

This is what Kid thinks of the whole thing!

It's Friday and there's sunshine!

Only 3 1/2 more hours to go, I better stay busy I hate counting the hours!

Listening to:  Who's your Daddy? by Toby Keith

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