Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Update

Ok here’s a late weekend wrap up, late only because it’s Tuesday and not Monday.  I start my weekend well enough equipped with a list of to do’s....BUT (see how big that just got!) I never seem to get them completed, oh I get the regular things done, like laundry, but I never really get much more done.  This weekend I had a list, I stuck with it and got 95% complete by Monday night! So my weekend extended a bit I suppose, though I did work Monday, but by golly I was getting that bloody list checked off last night!  The most time consuming thing on the list was my hair.  I do my own coloring and it was crazy overdue!  Roots were BAD, my pink was faded and I needed to do some bleaching because I had not done it the last few times and my hair grows fairly fast.  Ok, get home last night and immediately change into clothes for hair dying, have to of course start with the bleaching of the 2 inch roots underneath everything, so that the pink will be all there at the roots as well.  Bleach on, get the trash down, get the recycling down, Katlyn makes dinner for us (how nice for me!) Throw a load of laundry in while dinner is cooking, play with the puppy and check out the newest hat I am working on. (The black & white stripes for Katlyn) After dinner, I’m on to the next step in the hair coloring process, now I know that I don’t have quite enough of my favorite pink that I use and the place that I used to get it has gone out of business and the other beauty supplies don’t carry it!  Ugh, it’s fine I have some leftover HOT neon pink from Katlyn’s experiment, I can mix them together.  I mix and decide since the hot pink one is so much pinker then the one I use normally I pull out the jar of purple I have from another Katlyn leftover (she changes her colors whereas I stick with pink) figuring I could put a dab of purple in and darken the pink a bit.................HAHAHAHAHA........no!  Does not work that way, the tiny bit of purple added makes it purple, crap!!!  I show Katlyn and she insists that it’s fine and pink!  Ok I put it on, still looks pretty purple to me, but she still believes it will be pink.  I get that up and processing and then complete the black step and hurry up and wait for it all to process!  Shower and hey guess what, that purple is flippin’ purple!!!! Damn it!  Now I have purple hair in spots because of the bleaching and dark purpley/pink for the rest and of course the rest of my head that is black is itching liking crazy as it does for about a week after dying. *sigh* I have fairy hair, I just need wings!!  This is what happens when I put off my list!  I will be going to the beauty supply this weekend and hoping that they have a product that works the way Punky Colour does or I will have to order it online and live with purple fairy hair for a couple of weeks!
Ok enough whining I shall post pictures from the weekend now :)
Reading and Crocheting Saturday morning.
Wanted cupcakes and decided I needed to take picture of the process

It's so red

Just playing

All baked, too bad they don't stay as red as the batter

The start of dinner

Sponge Bob mac & cheese (my Daughter had to have it)
Notice no pictures of the hair dying, I'm clever like that!  I will see if I can get a shot of the purpley mess I've made :)
That's it, I'm wrapping up for now, I am working on the hat for Katlyn, it is simple black & white wide stripes and will have a flower attached when she picks the color that she wants, though I might just make a few different ones and put pins on the backs so she can change the flowers as she chooses.  Rereading Harry Potter from the beginning, we watched the movies so many times that I thought it was time to read the books again from the beginning, I was rereading the Deathly Hallows but I changed my mind and am back at the beginning.

Listening to:  King Nothing by Metallica

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