Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Movie Day

Today is new DVD release day. Harry Potter 4 comes out! yipee! Can't wait to see it again, it was my favorite of all the books so far (we'll see after the 7th book comes out) Anyway track was cancelled last night due to the rain and my daughter's hamster Eddie died after 6 days of owning him. Much trauma for an 11 year old girl, I'll tell you! So we have to go out in the rain anyway to take Eddie back to the pet shop. We get a new hamster (Sparkles) and she is quite active and happy so we have our fingers crossed that all is well in hamster land this time!

Didn't get any crocheting done last night since we had hamster drama and then went out to dinner after that!

I did get "Blogging for Dummies" so I'm hoping to get a little bit fancier with my blog. I'm trying to learn how to put buttons and more links on the sidebar right now, so maybe the book can help!

I will end with a picture of Eddie for you all.
RIP Eddie

Listening to: Tonight It's You by Cheap Trick
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