Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I want to do more!

edit: I am(blogger) having problem getting pictures up! hence the photo free post!

I really, really want to make the Carnival Shawl from Rowan's Classic Holiday #3 Book, the problem is that I don't have the book and trying to get it from inside the US seems to be difficult. There are 3 listed on ebay right now but from the UK and when I google it all of the online stores are in the UK as well. I'll just keep checking weekly until I find it and hopefully by the time I do I will have my other WIP's completed. hahahaha, yeah right! Anyway just throwin' that out there in the world.

On the actual (instead of wishful) crocheting front, I started Andrew's orange & teal blanket and I also proceeded to frog it just after the 1st round of orange! I hated the way the 2 colors looked together, not to mention the fact that while I was adding the orange I realized that those were the colors for the Miami Dolphins! Now no offense to anyone but my 18 year old stepson does NOT want that! Soooo...we called him to see what his other favorite color is (green) but he wants black. Ok now I will be doing it with black on the inside square and orange for the outside square. At least it's easy to frog and restart and I'm glad that I asked.

I did start my well traveled bag with my new yarn that came yesterday. :) I can't wait to finish & felt that!

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