Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kool Aid how to with a ton of pictures! Tutorial

Well it's how I do it anyway. I have done 4 skeins so far this way and I have work up one of those skeins and felted it as well without color loss click here to see so I think it works well for me.

1st step is the yarn, Paton's Classic Wool:

I like this because it's easy to find and it felts beautifully.

2nd step is to wind it into a long hank:

this is so you have a better color saturation. tie loosely every 1 1/2 foot to prevent tangles.

3rd step is the yarn prep:

I soak in my large pasta pot in warm water while I get the colors & containers step up.

4th step:
sorry forgot the picture!
I have plastic shoe boxes that I fill with warm/hot water (from the faucet) about half full. Then I mix 2 packages of each color I have chosen in about a half cup of water stirring well to dissolve and then add 1 tablespoon vinegar, stir.

5th step:

Add mixed kool-aid to the plastic containers, mix well and then add the yarn. (I gently squeeze some of the water when pulling it out of the pasta pot) I lay the yarn carefully into each container trying not to tangle too much. Add more water to about 1/2 inch from top of container.

Step 6:

Wait, wait, wait! This varies I have ranged from 2 hours to over night. The water will be clear to whitish when done (exception grape & ice blue)

Step 7:

Soak for about 5 minutes in the sink in clean same temperature water with a drop of dish soap (give a little swoosh but don't agitate)

Step 8:

Remove from sink carefully squeezing excess water from from your newly dyed yarn and lay out on a towel.

Step 9:

Roll up in towel to get out excess water.

Viola! Here is the end results:
Long hank & then rehanked.

Thanks for all of your compliments on my kool aid dying adventures!

Listening to: Hands And Knees by Sammy Hagar
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