Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Monday!!

Wow! Here we are at Monday once again! I had a very productive weekend! I got 3 skiens of yarn dyed.
These are them! The one that I balled is for my daughter, she helped me with the dying and loved the pastels in that one so she asked if I could make her a little purse. My sister wants to start selling them on ebay so I don't know if the hanks will be put to personal use or put up for sale. I did start naming the color combos though so at least I can keep track of them for myself. I LOVE doing this! My kids just think I'm nuts, but my 15 yo son laughed and said if I sell it on ebay then I am one step closer to my own yarn store! lol, he knows me very well.
I got some more done on my Well Traveled Bag as well:
I got the picture to actually show the colors this time, I had hoped to get it finished and ready for felting today but my yarn dying took me away from actually crocheting. :)
I crocheted a flower with some leftover kool aid yarn from my first batch and I'm thinking about felting it and attaching it to my tote. I'm not sure about how it will felt but I'll throw it in with my next wash cycle and see what happens.

Listening to: In The Nightside of Eden by HIM
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