Thursday, March 16, 2006

Crabby Thursday

Well I guess there are just days when my inner crab comes on out! I am very cranky today for no particular reason and I know I'm crabby and I can not stop being crabby. Oh well I guess it will suck for those around me tonight! That being said on with the blogging!

Work is incredibly slow today so I been cruising around on a bunch of different blogs just hanging and checking the pictures out. WOW I am living on the edge today I tell you! I did order some yarn from KnitPicks for this Dawn's Well traveled Bag and I can't wait. I couldn't believe how cheap the yarn is!

I started a 2006 project journal for all the fun stuff that I work on and get completed. Now I will have a record other then this blog!

Since my daughter has track 3 nights a week and since it's still quite cold when the sun goes down AND since I don't have a hat that covers my ears, I made this up last night:
I used some leftover Homespun that I had laying around and whipped it up last night while watching some TV. :) I do love a quick project!

Listening to: Ain't Talking About Love by Van Halen
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