Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Friday one & all!

Here we are waiting for the 4 o'clock whistle to blow!

Started my Mom's scarf because Jon's blanket is too big to cart to work with me! It's cold today so I'll have that to keep me toasty later while I get it together!

Andrew is 18 today! Wow! These boys just keep getting older! I can't believe all the boys are teenagers!

I do believe I will hit some yarn shops this weekend. I REALLY want to get some Noro and I think the place around the corner from me carries it.

Here is some yarn that my sister gave me from her stash, she's tired of making scarves!

I on the other hand NEVER tire of scarves so I will have another! I can not get my daughter to wear them even when I let her chose the yarn & designs! She swears she's never cold! I am always cold so I always have a scarf when I leave the house.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Listening to: Natural Born Killers by Brides of Destruction
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