Monday, March 06, 2006

A fabulous yarn weekend!

Ok I got great yarn this weekend, got 1/2 of my Mom's scarf done and finished Jon's blanket! I am very pleased! Here are photos of the yarn:

There's a close up of the Noro because it was on my wish list and I'm very excited to have it! The Poof at the top is for another scarf for my Mom, she saw the yarn and got it for me to make her a skinny scarf with. I got the orange & blue ones because it was just so soft and pretty! The Noro will become a felted bag for me...I can't wait to make that!

Here's Jon's completed blanket:

All done and ready for shipping!

I also got a size Q wooden afghan hook so that will be fun to play with as well.

My sister wants to learn knitting, so I think we will be venturing off in that direction pretty soon too. Busy, busy!

Listening to: I Won't Forget You by Poison
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