Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just another day is paradise

I lost my ATM card last night at the supermarket! GRRR I use it for groceries, gas, pretty much everything! I don't carry cash (my kids all take that) so I use my debit card for all! Now I have to wait 3 to 4 days to get my new card in the mail! I will be without shopping money for 3 to 4 days!! I'm glad my freezer has a stash of food and my gas tank is filled.

I added a couple more rows to my Well Traveled bag and am dying to test out the yarn that I dyed. I really want to see how it works up and how the patterns develops.

I snapped a picture of my sister doing her first dye job yesterday so you get to see that today.
She used black cherry, artic apple & pink lemonade. We call this colorway "Watermelon" I will be trying some mixed colors this weekend to see if I can get a nice gold and brown. I'm also going to look for and stand up wooden dryer to hang the long hanks from for faster dryer times.

I signed up at Crochet Blogs today so I'm in the queue to hopefully be added to that ring. I even figured out how to put the button up on my sidebar! Whohoo!!

Track & Field practice tonight so I can do more work on my Well Traveled bag.

Listening to: Watchin' You by Kiss
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