Friday, March 31, 2006

Fade to Black

Our first track meet tomorrow and it looks like rain! Last year we never had rain problems, in fact it only rained the very first day of practice, none of the track meets had rain so I don't know what happens if it does rain. Oh well I guess we shall see! I need to get everything together for our day at the track and it will be chilly!

I finished my Well Traveled Bag! I hope it's done correctly because it sure looks like it's going to be different then the picture shows! Here is my version:

Before felting And After!
Mine seems to be shorter then the original so I'm not sure what went wrong, even before felting it doesn't look to be the proper dimensions! I think it's very cute anyway, now I have to wait for it to block/dry and attach a handle. I was thinking about getting a spool kintter and making up and handle from the same yarns with a cotton rope through the center for strength.

I got more yarn dyed yesterday and FINALLY got that tangled mess fixed, so without further ado here they are in their internet debut:
From left to right, Watermelon, Crunch Berry and to be named later. I tried Tropical Punch kool aid for the 1st time on Crunch Berry and it is a great red! Very pretty, even dried close to the same color. I will be playing this weekend with painting the yarn instead of soaking it so we'll see how that comes out!
Have a great weekend!!

Listening to: Flaming Youth by Kiss
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