Monday, April 17, 2006


Yes WOW is how my whole weekend went!!!! My ex husband came down to see the kids for Easter and arrived at my house before I got home form work! Yes always a thrill when you get home to find your ex there. He did at least bring my oldest son and stepson with him so that was good (and about the only good thing about his visit) Katlyn's track meet on Saturday arrived with a whole set of craziness as above mentioned EX decided that ALL of the kids must attend their sisters track meet! Now I know this makes for a SUPER long and potentially boring day and while I do ask the boys if they want to go I am not upset (nor Katlyn is) if they chose not to, but EX would have none of that. He made them all go and sit at the track for 6 hours with nothing to do except let me know how bored they were. That was so fun I tell you! Then we go back to my house and have to listen to him complain about the kids and their behavior...WOW! I bet you're all thrilled to be reading right about now! Now I have to figure out Easter plans that he can't make up his mind on and talk to my sister in between and let me tell you, sometimes there is not enough wine in the world!!!
Ok so finally Easter Sunday is here and I'm taking the kids to my sisters until he picks them up at 2 to go to his brothers for dinner...all is fine until my brother in law starts flipping out at my 13 yo son for something that he thinks that he did...doesn't know but lets just say that did not go very well at all! There was screaming, yelling, swearing (yes on Easter Sunday) and all hell broke loose, again not enough beer (it was a beer day by now) in the world to get through this crap!!! Ok done now with my rants! I have had better days but this too shall pass! :)

On to the topic of crochet I did get more of Andrews square done and I will post pictures tomorrow of that progress!

Listening to: I Don't Need Love by Sammy Hagar
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