Friday, April 14, 2006

Another Rainy Friday!


I can not believe how much rain we have had lately! It rains, clears up and then rains again. Just so that I can't get my car washed. We have a long track meet tomorrow to make up for the one that was missed 2 weeks ago, so that will make for a nice long day! My poor house is so neglected! At least the boys are trying to help with a few things.

At practice I have been trying to get the handles done for my Well Traveled Bag so that I can actually use it! It is a very slow process! This is what I have so far:

I am doing 2 yards and I haven't gotten to the 1 yard point yet! I'm hoping that felting it will get rid of the white cord showing through. I want to get this finished and work on Andrews squares at the same time! This is why I can not have more then 1 project going! I wanted to make some little animals for the kids Easter baskets but I never planned that out so no animals for the kids!

I am trying to get a wifi connection to work for a Nintendo DS with Animal Crossing and for some reason it will not work!!! So that is another source for contention!

Okay I'm over that for now!

This is what I have for Andrews lone square so far, not very much done, but i am hoping to really get it going!

Have a GREAT Holiday weekend! We will be dying eggs (and maybe some yarn!) after the meet!

Listening to: Hard Headed Woman by Elvis
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