Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WOW it's Wednesday!

What the heck happened to Tuesday??? Oh well, this time change has made me all sleepy, plus the fact the it won't stop raining, well I might as well just stay in bed!!

Yesterday was my nephews 4th birthday and we made a huge day of it for him, we took him to breakfast for his favorite, bacon & parsley (yes my nephew gets a plate of parsley at ihop, he's very strange, but healthy!) and then we went to toys'r us so he could pick out a present from my sister's friend ans then came back to the house to spend the rest of my time here putting together Batman Legos! Oh man, that is a serious chore! I had to take the biggest part home for my 13 yo son to put together because I was worn out! His party is this Sunday so I do believe there are more Legos in my future!!

I'm now catching up on laundry and household things. Track practice has been cancelled yet again for tonight so I can get all of this laundry put away as well. Normally Wednesday night we run through Taco Bell for dinner on the way home from practice and run in the house just in time to plop down for America's Next Top Model, Katlyn's and my favorite right now! I for the record actually hate reality TV but for some reason this show has me hooked!

On the crochet front, I did get a spool knitter on Monday and have been working on the cord for my Well Travelled Bag and I have almost finished Katlyn's little tote. I will be starting Andrew's squares this weekend at the track meet.
Here's my track star last year! (no pictures from this year yet because it won't stop raining!!!)

Listening to: You Got No Right by Velvet Revolver
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