Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nothing for today!

I got nothing! Nada! I have the most boring life lately! I take my daughter to practice and go home. I get some crocheting done at practice, so I am hoping that Andrew's blanket will eventully get done. I have all of these great ideas to do but I am not good with too many WIP's so I have to sit on them, but my pattern collection is growing and my yarn collection isn't right now (that's a good thing, right?) I did add rounds of orange to one square last night...woohoo. I have two non crochet books to read and Animal Crossing to play and new magazines that are coming out again! I need more time!

That's it, I'm just wanking hard today!!! At least it's Tuesday and I can go straight home and stay there tonight!

Listening to: One Way or Another by Blondie
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