Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Again I am day late!

Well I am just being a bad blogger! I forgot everything yesterday and never posted! I was a very busy girl all weekend. We had a Track meet on Saturday and the only crocheting that I got done was 4 rounds of the first granny of Andrew's blanket started. The track we were at required quite a bit of up and down A LOT of stairs for me to take pictures and I can't just stay down on the field taking pictures of the same events, I have to go back in the stands and wait for new events with different age groups...so up and down. Whew, I got a workout! Katlyn did great in her events, she did the long jump, shot put, the 100 yard dash and 4 x 100 relay. Here she is in between events:
just hanging out waiting, plus we were playing with the digital camera because last year I only used my Nikon and didn't know how the digital would take action photos. (It does very well!)

So I haven't gotten any thing other then that little tiny square crocheted in over a week! Slacking! Easter's coming up this weekend and another track meet on Saturday so again busy, busy, busy! I need to get my fingers moving!

I made this little keychain last weekend:
I made up a mini hank of yarn and put it on a split ring! It is completely usable yarn (albeit small) and very cute.

My nephew's party was a sucess, he was thrilled and played with the kids and ate. It didn't rain so the kids were in the jumper most of the day, always a good thing when the kids are occupied.

I guess that's what I've got today!

Listening to: Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana
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