Monday, April 24, 2006

La di da

Well we have survived another weekend! We really only had a Track meet on Saturday and the rest of the weekend was free from commitments! Yeah! Housecleaning was the only thing that needed to be done and that was taken care of on Friday night and a bit on Saturday after the meet! So I got crocheting done. Ended up getting 9 inside squares done and now I will add the orange to those before moving on to the other 10 squares. Here's the stack of 9:
I have a yarn keeper that my sister got for me which works really nice for this project because the black skien of yarn tends to get all messy and the yarn keep has so far kept it nice and neat! Here's that baby:
Now I only have the one so I will switch out the black for the orange tonight. I would never have bought this for myself but I do really like it! :)

I made a flower (freehanded the design)for one of the bags that I did a month or so ago and felted it and attached it to the bag for a little extra something, something and here it is:

Well now I am full of pictures today! :) I have one more from my Friday purging, these are my first few pair of flip flops for the 2006 Summer season!

I LOVE My Old Navy flip flops! This is my summer shoe collection so far...they still have many colors that I don't have, so I will be adding more!

Listening to: She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd
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