Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm the queen of laundry!

That is what I have been told! My 15 yo son thinks that I am a goddess when it comes to getting the stains out of his shirts! He's a slob & most of his shirts are white so I have to be a genius at getting out all kinds of stains! He has no idea about bleach pens though so I will continue to let him think that I am a goddess! :)

No crocheting again, we went out to dinner for my son's 14th birthday and that ran late, so I ended up just going home and going to bed. Maybe I'll try a little Amigurami animal for distraction and a fast fix to my boredom! They work up quick and are always fun!

We have a track meet tomorrow so I will be dragging some yarn out there with me as well and can get stuff done.

I have to clean my house yet again but fortunately I have nothing to do this weekend beside the track meet!

I'll leave you with 2 of my boys.
Mugging for the camera!

Listening to: King Nothing by Metallica
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