Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's a wild world!

I have felted Katlyn's tote...finally. It has been sitting on my desk for over a week just waiting (to quote my nephew, to shrink!) and I have finished it today.
Here it is drying in the window. Since it is Spring Break around here Katlyn is with me today and she loves it and can't wait for it to dry.

I have pulled out Andrews yarn to work on now but I do not have any rush feeling for this baby yet! Not to mention the skein is a mess! I have two different sections that have pulled out from the center and are a messy mess!

This is what I am working with today! Grrrr! I hate when this
becomes a crazy project! Oh well I guess I will muddle through until I get one square done and can remotivate myself for this project. I really, really want to make something to wear for myself, but I have yet come up with a pattern that is something I'll wear. I have a TON!! of yarn to play with but am in a slump! Again will muddle through until the feeling passes.

I have about 8 skeins of yarn dyed and we are going to list them on ebay, so that might help pull me out of this.

I have to start dieting yet again because my weight has been steadily increasing and I am suffering from heartburn because of it. This could also be a contributor to my slumpiness!

That's it for me!

Listening to: Crazy For You by Madonna
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