Thursday, April 06, 2006

The sun has broken through!!!

Yipee the sun is shining today! We will be having picture day for track today and then taco bell for dinner, that will make the kids happy.

I finshed Katlyn's tote, I just have to stitch it up. I got black yarn for Andrew's blanket and will start that at the track meet on Saturday and just have to finish the cording for my well travelled bag for that to be done! I have quite a few red yarns of different textures that I would liketo try to make up a shawl with as well. Maybe I'll have to have a couple WIP's, uh-oh. I did want to try making some socks too...hmmm too many ideas, I might need to get some more hands for this! I think I saw a book on crocheted socks but I'm not sure.

Listening to: Wings of a Butterfly by HIM
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