Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend news

We went to the LA County Fair this weekend and you know that I made everyone go and check out the crocheted items! They had the most beautiful entries! I think I will be teaching myself broomstick crochet because there was a blanket done there that I fell in love with! I also made everyone (kids were thrilled) go on over to check out the fiber sheep! I had a blast and got to see the machines that they had set up for carding and spinning and plying! Here are those pictures:

That was so cool to see up close! I also got a couple of hanks just because!
I think they will become a new purse!
Here is the progress on the afghan! I worked hard almost all weekend (except for Saturday at the fair) and am making good progress I think anyway!
Pictures a little dark but you get the idea! I'm very excited for it to be done! I have been very good about weaving in the ends as I go so that won't be a huge deal at the end! I started this September 10th and am over half done so I'm hoping to complete by the 10th of October, I don't know but maybe!

Listening to: That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd
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