Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday's update

Well I have all the squares together on Brandons blanket and started on the edging! I should be able to get that 100% completed by the end of the weekend! Here is a picture of it:

I thought that I needed just one more project to go along with my many others, so I have decided to make family members the Skull potholders that are in The Happy Hooker for Christmas gifts! Now I will be on a cotton buying fest this weekend trying to locate the colors that will go along with above mentioned family members! Right now at my count I have about 8 sets to do and that number will probably grow as I go along! I am going to make a set of the Cowboy Booties that everyone was talking about this week on my CP list, for a friend of mine. His birthday is in December so I have a little bit of time for those! Aaaah, my fingers shall be busy!

Happy Friday all and have a great weekend!

Listening to: Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger
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