Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wild Wednesday

No pictures for today! I have been working on Brandon's blanket and I have 4 more squares left (of 20) and then the put together! I did start a scarf last night to use a yarn that I have had for awhile and see how it works up.
Well I guess I will put a picture up! I forgot that I had this picture already on my computer. Anyway the yarn is fat & skinny and it calls for a P hook! I am doing a lengthwise scarf that will also have a few other different yarns for different textures. This is a experiment but I love a good concoction! Of course I never in this life time need another scarf, but who cares! I love them and have dozens that I have whipped up and wear a surprising amount of them as the weather cools down! If I could get my daughter to wear them as well they would all get more use, but for some reason she doesn't like scarves! One day, one day! She is liking the funkiness of this yarn though so I might convert her yet! I think that's all I've got for today!

Listening to: Nothin Good About Goodbye by Hinder
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