Friday, October 20, 2006

It's RED

Well I think the colors are more cinnamon but it sure is RED!! Good thing that red is my favorite color so this will go with everything! I love the textures of both yarns and I love how they worked up together and makes the whole thing look like some fancy pattern when is fact it is completely done is single crochet! I was wrong in my row counts though, I did 3 rows in Marvel (that's the actual name of the lumpy-bumpy stuff) and then 2 rows in the Spirits and then 3 more in Marvel. Both of these yarn are from Jo-ann's Sensations line. The Marvel's colorway is Cinnamon and the Spirits is Berry. I used one hank plus a bit of the Marvel and 1 skein of the Spirits. I love how fast this worked up too! The P hook is my new friend for Christmas!
Here is a detail shot:

Have a great weekend!

Listening to: I Remember You by Skid Row
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