Monday, October 23, 2006

Yarn Stash!

Well I decided if I am ever going to get a handle on my stash, I HAVE to organize! Organize I did! I pulled out all 7 of my 28 gal containers and put skein on my bed stacked according to color. Here are the pictures of that!

This is all of my worsted weights and a few miscellaneous skeins thrown in. I refilled the containers and labeled them with their colors. I have enough pink yarn for my daughters Hiawatha Afghan and enough camoflauge for my nephews squares blanket! I will be stash busting! Please note that there are no pictures of the baskets in my living room (3) or the large hat box stash! I can only be so organized!
This is one container filled with baby yarns and Jiffy yarn. I prefer these separate for easier access.

I also got some of this to make a new Well Traveled Bag :
Here's the bottom of the bag. I can't wait to see how this felts up!
That's it for my adventures this weekend! Oh yeah I did complete all of the squares for Brandon's blanket, now to assemble!

Listening to: Do You Love Me by Kiss
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