Sunday, November 04, 2012

Vacation is over

Vacation in Santa Rosa means lots of kid time.  Plus the fact that it was Katlyn's 18th birthday and we had a party for her.  Good times!  Weather was great for a bbq and hanging outdoors for the evening.
Christopher bbqing some burgers
Steven enjoying the party
Brandon and his moustache
Katlyn got her first tattoo Saturday afternoon, a bow tie on her wrist....Bow Ties are cool!
Katlyn and Toni
the boys photbombing the girls
Toni photobombing!
Got all my kids in one shot
The whole gang!
Too much laughter
My cheeky Granddaughter
Got a tiny bit of crocheting done, made a hat for Eligh.  Just played around and got it worked up and wala!  Hat done!
I made a hat!
Got pictures of a tiny little boy and got lots of baby snuggle time!
Eligh wearing his hat
So there's a quicky update from vacation I have more pictures and stories, but it's Sunday and I have loads of things to do before getting back into the swing of the real world and work tomorrow!
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