Friday, November 23, 2012

Dream On

Thanksgiving has come and gone, there was food and family.  All in all a good day.  Really a bit warm for last November, but it is Southern California so we do what all good Californians do and hang outside in the sunshine!  We chatted, read the sale ads for Black Friday, and had drinks and snacks.  No Black Friday shopping for us though, I don't like the crowds and really there is very little (and by very little I mean nothing!) I need to get up at dawn to purchase!
Brandon checking the ads
Need to keep it cold somehow!
I worked on getting the hat done and ta-da....finally done with it!  Shipping out on Monday!

Yep got it done!
Now my Sister needs a beer run and since I had only just gotten to my first glass of wine it was up to me to haul myself to the market...oh yeah while I'm there see if they have cherry pies.  What a combo!
Beer and Pie run
I made my pumpkin pie as I always do, had a hard time finding pie crusts though, really know better than to wait until the last minute!  Oh well, I made my own.
Pumpkin Pie

The wait was worth it!

At last it's time to eat!
Friday morning, no work and nothing that needs to be done other than my sit on front of my computer reading and hooking!  Working on Katlyn's Sherlock-y scarf which is simple enough but I am going to have to block the heck out of it, for some reason the yarn is all wibbly-wobbly...driving me a bit mad really, but I've counted stitches and they are accurate, so blocking it is!

Sherlock scarf
Now on to today....being as it's Saturday I have to get on with my weekend chores.  Laundry, know the usual lovely things that prevent me from doing the thing I want to do!  So off I go, getting started on my day!

Listening to:  Tell Me What You Want by Zebra
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