Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oppsy, forgot a title

Oh yay a tiny little bit of progress!  Still very slow in the making though since I am still reading!  I really do need to stop with that at least a little bit.  Fanfiction can really draw you into a whole different world full of your familiar and favorite characters but taking them in a whole new way, it's quite interesting actually and honestly a bit r rated...haha ok some a bit more r rated then others!  Still really a great way to enjoy your obsessive need to have your favorite characters live on...or is that just me?  No it's definitely not just me, because there is a whole lot written out there in the big wide internet!  I'm thinking men should be willing to read some of these stories, you know the ones that just hit you in the right spot on your heart....oh well enough of that.

We went over to my Sister's Friday night and had a nice dinner and cupcakes for Katlyn's birthday and then again on Saturday night just to hangout with friends.  Enjoyable night with a fire burning in the firepit in the backyard and my favorite wine...ahhh good times!  Anyway there was a bit of knitting from one of the girls and I had my crocheting so it was nice to sit back and enjoy the evening chatting with friends.  I worked a bit on the baby hat, though pulled some out when I decided it was too big and got to getting the sides done.  I can finish it up fairly quickly if I put my mind to it, but that is a whole different thing now isn't it!  Plus I took the old TV from Katlyn's room and even though I didn't really want a TV in my bedroom I put it in there....mostly because the darn thing weighs a bloody ton and I did not fancy carrying it down the stairs and then there is the fact that Brandon is now occupying the space in the living room 99% of the time where I usually sit and watch TV and is watching his own shows at that, will it just makes sense that I put it in my room.  I can now watch Netflix and enjoy my shows while lounging stretched out on my bed.  Now I just need to get a better light in there to crochet by and I will get a lot more done, which with the Christmas season rearing it's ugly head I need to get busy!

A few pictures of progress!
Hat with the blue I will be adding
getting there
Started Katlyn's Sherlock scarf, well started is not the right word, I make a chain to the width of her liking and then did a quick second row of sc just to get it going.
Sherlock scarf started
Maybe the yarn was drinking wine too!
Fire and Wine
There we are a proper update, well semi proper anyway!

Listening to: Back Where You Belong by .38 Special
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