Monday, November 05, 2012


Ok some yarn pictures this time.  I bought 2 colors at Castaway while on vacation.  It really is my favorite yarn shop.  I had Katlyn with me, which is a first since she is always too busy for yarn shopping or just avoids it completely because it does not interest her and well I tend to linger over the yarns for a good long while....anyway.  I decided to hunt out the perfect blue to make her a Sherlock scarf.  Found it!  Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Navy, nice and soft and a gorgeous shade of blue, really if she doesn't like it then I will have no problem wearing it!
balling the blue
I have this new love for Olive Green myself and thought I might find something to match my newest nail polish shade.  Sure enough I found one quite close to the perfect shade.  
This will be my new scarf soon enough!
Closest I could get
Should be worried that the color is called Uh-oh, run down the window
But I'm not, I love it!
Another picture of Eligh, sort of wearing his new hat...he was trying to sleep and we were putting a hat on his head for picture time.  It's still a bit too big for him, but his Mom said that's fine because his other hats were too small already.
Sleepy boy
Now when we have to run an errand to Walmart for shampoo (yes I forgot to pack mine) and take a bunch of boys this is what happens, they all want quarters for the silly toy machines when we were leaving the store...yes they are all adults, some things never change though!  Steven got this silly frog and proceeded to smack everyone with it (did I mention that it was just like old times!) until it snapped apart so he put it up in my car and has been there ever since.  snap a quick picture this morning after pulling into work, made me smile!
My new passenger 
So that's it for now, I will be working on Christmas gifts and baby hats and scarves starting this evening so there will be pictures to follow.  Still a tiny bit blue, but I feel loads better then I have the last few weeks.  Probably spending time with my kids was just what I needed, though I did bring Brandon home with me and he's staying and I'm not sure how long my patience for my youngest son's slob like ways will last....just like old times!

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