Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not strong enough

Well here we are the day before Thanksgiving.  I'm staying in town this year, though I miss the boys terribly! I am either going to have to move closer to them or have them move closer to me.  Both pretty near impossible, they have no desire to move down here and I can't simply up and move without a house or job and selling my condo would take time and money, heck even just renting it out would take money to get it up to speed.  Plus there are things that keep me here and I'm not strong enough to leave because of that.  I am not even sure why it's a big deal, but it always will be I'm sure.  Damn confusing indeed!  Ugh, my simple little life is so confusing!

Anyway, a picture less post because I have taken nothing lately, but I have gotten that green hat finally worked out and started on the blue rim.  I'm telling you that simple little hat has given me nothing but fits trying to get it right!  It's hard with no head to refer it to, so I'm in guess mode and I have to keep ripping it out to make it look the right size.  I will have it finished this evening or tomorrow, ok not this evening since I have pies to make tonight, but I am taking stuff to work on to my Sister's tomorrow since we will be there all day and she is having problems with a blanket she is working on and asked for my assistance.  So yarn and turkey, great combo!

Pictures will be forthcoming after tomorrow!  Good times....there should be wine in my future!  Hahaha, now that will make for some good pictures!

Listening to:  Wings Of A Butterfly by H.I.M.
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