Friday, October 26, 2012

ummm, yeah

So I guess this is my online journal at this moment...hopefully after vacation or even during I can post up pictures and get back into the swing of living again.  My cloud is a bit higher today, but still continues to hang over me.  I have a 400 mile drive later and will not be having a chance to read during that time so I am pretty sure my head with explode from not reading.  I have some movies on my iPod and of course Doctor Who episodes and that might get me through ok, but I am just so used to reading every chance I get right now.  It is the escape I need from all things, put myself into and new world and get lost.  Oh how dramatic I am!  Really though, alone in my thoughts I might go a bit mad, I do hope Katlyn is chattery tonight!
Still can't believe that my last child and only Daughter is going to be an official adult tomorrow!  Might have a bit to do with my emotions.  Reason number 178 I need a hand to hold......
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