Friday, November 16, 2012

No Hostess?

Tragedy has fallen, Hostess is closing and I am more little donuts, no more cherry pies, no more anything!  My childhood has just been ripped away people!  A sad day indeed....

Now I have not done any kind of yarn work over the last couple of days, I tried really I have, but the draw of the written word is too powerful!  Oh yes and my room...lounging on my bed!  Oh yes good times indeed!
The dogs enjoy it too, they snuggle right up next to me, lazy buggers and they really like my I ♥ Bananas blanket.

Passed out and cozy
The weather has turned cooler so that means more tea.  After the coffee of course, tea cannot replace coffee for me in the mornings, but the afternoon holds tea for me.  I do enjoy it.
It's Friday again and I am happy.  It's supposed to rain all weekend and that's just fantastic!  Well other then the walking the dogs in the rain, but yay...wet weather usually means more crocheting to be done!  We shall see.  

Listening to:  Bleed It Out by Linkin Park

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