Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday things

My aunt is the best, she made me fantastic tags for my crocheted items!  How cute are they!  Can't wait to actually finish something to put them to use!
Coolest things ever!
I haven't really gotten much done since getting home from vacation.  I did start a hat for my Aunt's Granddaughter and that's really the only thing on my hook at the moment.  Still trying to settle into a routine with an extra person in the house.  Plus the time change always messes with me for the first week.  Oh yes and the much reading!  It's become a very serious obsession, reading Doctor Who fan fiction...whew, said it aloud!  Ok really typed it, but still.  
My Sister came back from Vegas yesterday with these cool nail strips, I do love cherry designs and will be using these this weekend replacing my lovely green polish for a bit of time.  

I have nothing very exciting other then the above and even that's not all that exciting.... if you aren't me that is!  the week is crawling by very slowly and I'm not sure if it's because of vacation last week or the time change.  Ugh, really it just needs to be Friday afternoon already!  Things to do this weekend, lots of cleaning up and reorganizing for the extra boy in my house!  A very messy boy, but who did take out the trash and clean the dishes before I got home from work, I was a happy Mom!

Listening to: Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three
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