Sunday, December 02, 2012

Over and Over

I really haven't been doing enough in the way of crochet, which is not good considering all of the things I have to get done and on a time limit!  I have been going none stop with other things though, but that doesn't get Christmas gifts done!  My Niece requested a Santa hat for a parade she's going to be in, so I have to get that started...guess what my Sunday is going to entail! Really a good thing though because my Saturday was insane!  I had a carpet guy come out for an estimate and I am now getting carpet again!  Yay, I didn't want carpet, but I cannot live with this dust much longer!  After the carpet guy left, boxes needed to go to Goodwill and we needed to get over to storage.  While at storage it was decided that the giant entertainment unit needed to go (the one at the house)  and the buffet that I had in storage will be the new TV area.  A LOT of craziness after that!  The wall unit was really large and really heavy, thought Brandon was going to kill me yesterday!  So moving and such took up most of the day and finally here we are on Sunday for the clean up and finding new places for everything that was on the entertainment center to be now!  My condo in entirely too small for all that I have...even purging things I still have so much stuff.  ....sigh....
An apple a day....

elevator ride

Going through old photos
So here we are, the actual crocheting part of the story!  I'm making a hat for a friend of mine in England and have to get it done in order to get it in the mail to her hopefully before the Christmas mail rush!

pink hat
She requested pink, beige and many shades of pink to choose from!  I'm going with baby pink, cream and gold.  She said she wanted it to match her beige coat and I think that will work nicely without having to worrying about matching the beige.  I got some Vanna's glamour in gold for the flower that sh asked for and I can't wait to see it finished!  Today is going to be about finishing the hat, doing some Christmas decorating and purging stuff I don't need!
Best get on with it!

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