Monday, October 08, 2012

2 completed projects in 1 weekend!

Oh wow, yep I'm shocked myself especially after completing the cowl and then proceeding to rip the entire thing out Saturday night!  It was not working for me at all and by not working I don't mean the crocheting part, heck the pattern is crazy easy!  I mean the fit, it was too big and just kind of hung there.  Now maybe this yarn is too thick for this pattern, I really don't kow based on the fact that I've never made one before.  I just went for a number 5 weight yarn as the original pattern had used, difference is of course I used Bernat and she used Patons.  It had no drape, none at all and really I don't still but it works better being done in a smaller circumference.  Katlyn thought maybe wrap it around twice but it wasn't quite long enough for that, so I ripped it out.  All the way back to the starting chain and then pulled out about 15 chains and started over.  So now the original pattern called for 9 rounds I did mine 14 just to give it that squishy factor and then just to squishy it up more I whipped up a little belt for it and added a button.  Ta-Da....So there you have it, my very first cowl.  I even wore it into work this morning as it was a lovely cool morning.  It is warm, just really not too sure how it looks on.  I will have Katlyn model it for me and see if I can show a better example  of the squishy bits! 
Squished up
flattened out
I love how fast this worked up and the look of it, just not sure if I can pull off wearing it well!  Alas it's done either way!

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