Friday, October 05, 2012

The Sweetness of Friday!

Just a quick pop in on this Friday afternoon to say, yipee..I get to sleep in until the sun comes up tomorrow!  Well that is IF the dogs let me!  The weather has been cooler the past few days and that is a wonderful sign that Autumn is rolling in finally!  We haven't set the clocks back yet, but the mornings are dark again and the sun is low in the sky on the way home lately.  Makes for a pretty picture though! 

Anyway on the crochet front I have TONS of things I want to do and will be putting together yarn for this weekend.  Here is the progress of my newest hat from the other night, I actually have it near done!  Should finish it up this evening.  

Nothing exciting I know, but it is Friday and maybe there will be an adventure over the weekend...who knows!  At least some new pictures, I found so many older pictures while cleaning out my flickr account and moving them to my other blog...I really want play with my camera again!

Listening to:  Love Of My Life by Queen
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