Monday, October 15, 2012


Had a busy weekend indeed.  Back to my Sister's Saturday afternoon for my Gran's birthday (which is actually today)  It was nice, a bunch of family there and hanging out.  The weather was on the bit too warm side but cooled nicely as evening came on.  Gran had a great time and enjoyed the day as well.  She does have dementia so it can be hard on her at times, but she did brilliantly!
86 years today
Worked on the gloves, though since we were outside I only did the working on them until the sun went down.  My sister is lacking in the proper lighting of the patio department.  Sunday was a day just to stay in and get the necessary things done!  Which includes breakfast for the Daughter, she likes french toast.  Spend the day reading and doing laundry, playing with the know weekend things.
Sunday breakfast
Now since I was gone both Friday and Saturday nights, that meant no Sherlock.  It's a show I really like to sit and pay attention to and the episodes are nearly an hour and a half long so watching at 10:30 at night doesn't really work for me, I am a true morning person, which means I am NOT a late night stayer upper!  I am sure midnight is not late to most people and while it's not really that late for me, I do get up at 6 am even of the weekends.  So Sunday evening was spent watching the last 2 episodes of Sherlock, whew....what an experience too!  I did manage over the 3 hour time period to get the second gloves finished up and ta-da!  I even remembered to bring them to work this morning for a quick photo shoot at my desk!
Much better left hand! 
The pair of them
So that's a wrap on the weekend.  Not sure what is next up though I have 2 purses to line and I have to find something to play with my giant hooks with!  I will do some digging though I think I may make my Aunt a pair of gloves in a nice earth tone color scheme, though I think she flies out tomorrow.

Listening to:  Rumours In The air by Night Ranger

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