Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slacking no more

Truth be told I haven't really been "slacking", I am working on things.  I just haven't been blogging.  I have been reading and watching and hooking, just not typing!  So here is a little bit of an update.
My Cousin saw the red bow hat I made for myself when I posted it on instagram and loved it and  left a comment hoping that it was for a certain little girl cousin yet to be born....sigh I can't resist a girl in need!  Anyway I had leftovers of the red and set about to make a baby version.  Got it done and whipped up a little bow and hat done!

baby sized
bow bits
Next up, hmmm I got a new set of tools and really want to play with them, just haven;t picked out the yarn yet.  Plus I was trying to get the baby hat done and since I have started watching Sherlock (why yes it is more British television!) I tend to get all wrapped up in that in the evening.  Ok....actually I make dinner for Katlyn and I and we sit a watch an episode of Doctor Who (on the 11th Doctor now) and then she goes off while I watch an episode of Torchwood (again British telly) and then an episode of Sherlock.  Seriously Sherlock is just a joy to watch!  I laugh entirely too much at the show...laughing out loud, alone in my living I'm not crazy at all.  I haven't watched so much television in years, well technically I am watching Netflix but still.  So not a TV watcher, I don't even keep it on for background noise, but I have my own British invasion every night!  Of course the downside to all of this British show watching is that now I have raised the standard of which type of man I will date!  If he doesn't have a British accent...nope no chance and  he should be tall and lanky and well ok as Katlyn said, he should just be Christopher Eccleston!  So there you have it, my standards are entirely too high and I shall now be single for the rest of my days....oh well I have lots of yarn!

New tools
My Aunt is visiting from Tennessee and we went over to my Sister's for dinner last night.  Since I wasn't working on anything in particular and I hadn't decided what to make next, I grabbed a bag of black and white yarns and tossed in a pink skein and off we went.  I like to crochet while sitting and gabbing with people, everyone is used to it.  I decided I will make some fingerless gloves, my Sister had requested some last year and black so maybe these will go to her.  I had a tricky time trying to get a decent shot off, so I tried both hands.  I was using my right hand for measurements has I worked it up, so I think it looks better on the right.  Near done with it though and will start on the left and see how that works up.

right handed
left handed
Hanging out on the hat!
Gratuitous cat picture!
And there you have it, my quick update and way too much information on my man requirements!  Heading out today to hang out with the family, maybe I will get the other glove done!

Listening to:  Breaking Inside by Shinedown
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