Sunday, October 07, 2012

and we have crochet!

Aaaah the weekend.  The weather has been mild and the cleaning has been good!  I got my red hat done and started a cowl.  New thing for me as I usually do scarves but couldn't resist trying one of these.  I went to JoAnn's Friday after work to pick up some bulky weight yarn (I looked through me stash first and didn't have enough yardage in anything) and found the selection to be difficult, so many lovely dilemma always! I finally settled on Bernat Chunky Softee in a nice neutral gray.  I of course wanted to go with a less then neutral color but fortunately I had Katlyn with me and suggested that since I had never made a cowl before and didn't really want to limit it to a specific outfit I should go with the gray.  So Friday night was for almost finishing up the hat and Saturday morning was playing with my new project.  I must stop starting new things before completing others!
Saturday morning!
So hat time, finished the body bits and just have to add the final bit.  Here we are hanging out on the head!  Took it outside and snapped some pictures.
I love the red and black!

Just playing with my macro
I worked a lot around the house yesterday too, redoing the mantle for Halloween, repotting a long overdue and overgrown plant and decluttered and even marketed!  
I might need some more Halloween decor!
I did proceed in making a mess of the patio when doing the repotting so that is on today's list along with laundry and a bit more decluttering around the house.  So far today I have accomplished a shower and coffee and some breakfast!  Oh wait I did sweep the kitchen and clean the floor around the animals watering hole!  Working on getting this cowl completed today which honestly could very well be a 1 day project if I just sat long enough and worked on it, but that rarely happens! 
Sunday morning
And my completed hat!  Yay!  I drew this up about a month or so ago, ideas sometimes pop into my head randomly and it's pretty close to what I had in mind, the only thing I would change is the width of the black, needs to be a bit next time I will add two rows to the black, but overall I like it.

All done!

Bow detail
I'm off to get the laundry started now!

Listening to: A Little Too Late by Toby Keith 
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