Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I love when Tuesday's Monday!

Totally forgot to post on Friday, must have been the whole "woo-hoo, it's a 3day weekend" mode I was in.  So I got a bit of things accomplished. Always a good thing!  Made lists and followed them, and while I didn't get the entire cleaning list crossed off, I made a great dent in it.  (My bedroom is always last and I really need to make it first!) So my desk is still a catchall and I have yet to rehome a few things, overall I am pleased that I got so much done.  Now this is Friday mornings update picture of the star, I worked like crazy beans on this baby all weekend, so there is another progress shot down the page too.
Round 10ish
Here is the stripy blanket with a new edge, don't really think I will add more, but then again I change my mind a lot.  It could end up with another round (or 3) of border.  I only want a simple border because I love the texture of this blanket and don't want to deter from that at all.  I am going to lay it out and photograph it and see how it looks and decided then.
a simple border
Friday night I worked on this star, Saturday I worked on this star even taking it to my Sister's house where we were for a BBQ and swimming.  I worked on it Sunday during my 10 minute breaks, (I started a new regimen to help me stay better focused UF@#$YH ) and then after dinner.  I worked on it throughout Monday and then settled on the sofa and put on Doctor Who for the reminder of my evening.  I am up to round 19, actually it's round 20 but since the first round is the spoke in the middle I don't count that.  Yay!  I just need to finish a bit more of the green and then back to white for 2 rounds and then the orange and I think that will be it! Whew! The shower is on Sunday...fingers crossed!
round 19ish
Now, this pattern while super duper easy, is not my most favorite.  Reasons being, that it doesn’t sit flat no matter what I do and it seems more novelty then practical.  I’m sure I’m just weird in that I like my blankets to cover me fully and that baby will not mind one little bit!  Ok enough of that.
I have to finish this so I can get a purse worked up for Alysha (I posted the yarn way back here yikes!) and I have designed a new hat that I am very excited to work up.....but cannot do it until these things are done!!!
Must. Finish. Other. Things. First.

All done, off to get some work done!

Listening to:  Turn The Page by Metallica
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