Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello, hello, back to the work week...gotta love the Monday's!  I had a nice pleasant weekend in which I did numerous chores around the house but did not even make one trip to storage.  That's not good at all.  I am never going to get it emptied out at this rate!  Anyway enough of that, on with crocheting stuff I did get done!  So this first item up is the remains of may hat that I so badly wanted to make in this red yarn, there wasn't, rip, rip.  Back to the drawing board with a new red, just as soon as I find the elusive red!  I will go up to JoAnn's sometime this week and look around.  
Bye-bye hat!
Up next is this baby turban which I found while looking through pins on Pinterest and loved it here is the direct pattern link.  I had to do a bit (ok a lot!) of modification to the original pattern because the yarn I decided it needed to be done in is a bulky weight, so that meant following the pattern exactly would have made a giant baby hat.  So I did a lot of ripping and and fiddling and got it to work out just fine.  It's really a very cute hat and I think I will do another in the proper weight yarn and see how it comes out.
Turban view 1
This shows off the colors better.
Next up I found this cute hat that said it was a 30 minute hat, I like that thought.  I did it and really it is super easy and adorable.  I found the pattern at Ravelry, just search 30 minute baby hat.  I used Sugar n Cream cotton for the body and Bernat cotton (very old little skein I had) for the flower.  I didn't do any adjustments though I would suggest reading through the entire pattern first, because I didn't and ended up pulling out the increase row do to me not paying attention.  Also the flower pattern along with the hat says you should have 6 petals, but I somehow got only 4!  As it was getting late and I was done watching Doctor Who for the night I left it and just worked it up with only 4 for me!  No one will be any wiser, except for anyone who reads this and now knows I boo-booed!
Flower on side
giant flower with a pretty button to finish it up
And my round up of the hats I have done so far.  Finished 3 and I will be doing 1 more for sure, which will be a beanie in Chicago Bears colors with and added flower to girly it up!  I have a couple of patterns in mind so I will hunt out the proper colors when I get home later and give one a go!
3 down!
Sunday is laundry day around my house which is easy with just 2 of us, 2 loads...boom, done.  Unfortunately I have a puppy who likes the play with empty water bottles or in Saturday's incident, not so empty water bottles!  Unknowingly when I went to bed on Saturday night I innocently tucked my toes under the sheet and immediately hit a wet spot! WTH?????  I know it wasn't wet when I woke up that morning and made the bed, the bed was still made when I went into my room so what happened?  I sniffed the wet smell, it dawns on me that Kid had gotten ahold of a less than empty water bottle.  I went in to scold ask Katlyn about it and she pointed out her water bottle on her table, I peeked in my room and the bottle I had (key word there) on my nightstand had gone missing...ugh!  So it was mine and it was about 3/4 full of water.  The joys of puppy ownership!  Said puppy is a lazy puppy at times too, like lazy in he doesn’t want to hold his head up so he will use Katlyn’s hand!
So sleepy....his lip? (do dogs have lips?) got stuck on his tooth!
Back to work now since my boss is on the other side of my cubical right now!

Listening to:  Back On My Feet Again by The Babys
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