Tuesday, September 11, 2012

road trip etc....pictures!

The time has arrived for the road trip up to Santa Rosa.  Friday morning, 8 am we head out.  Star blanket...not done!  Baby shower...Sunday at 1pm!  Yikes!  Christopher did the driving at the start of the trip while I sat in the front passenger seat leaving Katlyn in the back with the dogs.  When we stopped for a quick break her and I switched spots, weird riding in the backseat of your car.  
Arvin, I try to shoot this every trip.
I worked on the star blanket the entire time, while the dogs settled down for a nap...with Katlyn.  They were sleeping in the back with me, but as soon as Katlyn reclined the seat a bit then they took that as an invitation to join her!
The dogs migrated to the front!
Now there is this hotel that we pass in Oakland and I try every trip to get a decent shot of it, but I have yet to manage one!  Going up again in October so I shall try again then!
Crooked and shot through the window!
I hooked the entire trip and made some pretty good progress but still didn't get it completed on the road!
hooking away!
Arrived in Windsor and oh the weather was fantastic!  Blue skies, sun shining and the pretty temperature!  Wonderful for sitting outdoors and working on this star while enjoying Brooke playing with the dogs.  

Brooke and Uncle Steven :)
Steven and Toni came over and we had a bbq.  I love hanging out with my kids!  Of course I still had to finish the blanket so I worked on that and got it done!  Next up the mustache binky!  Took a couple of tries, but got that done too!

mustache binky!
All done
So the last round was only the 4th of orange, but Katlyn insisted that is how it should be.  My OCD tends to take over on things like that, but I left it and finished it off.

another mustache view
Monday morning rolled around and once again it's time to hit the road.  Said our goodbyes and off we went!
Monday morning ready for school
 Here we are on the road home.  Katlyn drove pretty much all the way and I worked on Alysha's purse.
Going home
Of course the black Manos hank was not wanting to cooperate when trying to get it into a ball so that was a lot of fun!  I used my visor to hold it and worked from there!
Visors are good for holding your hank!
Ta-Da!  All balled and ready to work.
Bee Sweet worked up.
So the front flap will be done in Bee Sweet and then the body will be both Manos (back) and Bee Sweet (front).  The yardage on the Bee Sweet is small and it's so expensive that I figured that was the best way to work it up.  I will be doing the handle in both yarns as well.  So I did get the entire bag worked up and now have to line it and do the handle and some decorating, I am going to do a black flower on the front and it's good to go!  
Hats and more hats are up next since I have baby hat requests.  2 Cousins are having girls in December and January, so baby hats for them.  Plus I have a new hat design and of course Katlyn always has hat requests and I might even get back to my other WIP's one of these days!  Yay to getting things done!

Listening to: I Like To Move It (yes from the movie Madagascar!)
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