Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another hat

So I started the baby Bears hat last night after digging out the proper colors from my stash, makes me laugh at how small these hats are.  Nearly done with it and tonight will have it done and the flower added to it to make it girly.  So that makes 4 hats and then I will repeat those 4 before I try to make anymore.  Of course there's still loads of time left, since the babies these are for are not due until December and January.  

I really should be thinking of Christmas projects and I'm sure my Nephew will be requiring new hats and Julie had her baby boy so Katlyn thinks he will need some hats too....oh yes and Brooke asked for one!  Yikes!  I need to get a list up and running, October is a busy month for us!  I have my vacation at the end of the month and we are spending it in Santa Rosa.  Katlyn turns 18 and really wanted to have her birthday up North with everybody so I worked it out that we will be there for her birthday, Halloween & Steven's birthday!  All in a weeks vacation.....yeah I'm that good!  Ok I didn't do anything other then give birth to 2 of my children 6 days apart with Halloween in the middle, but that's something!  Planned the trip last year after Katlyn's birthday was kind of a bust and she was not overly happy with Halloween either.  So I figured that we go up to Santa Rosa and stay for a bit and trick or treating with Brooke will be much more Halloweenie and enjoyable then around here.  We will be squeezing a Disneyland trip in as well since it's Halloween time and they do it up fun at the park.  I do love Halloween! 

After work Katlyn and I are heading to Target to pick up The Avengers DVD and have a movie night, yay!  hmmm, I should get some popcorn while we are there too!  

That's a wrap here!

Listening to:  Cry Baby by Joss Stone

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