Monday, September 17, 2012

Exhausting weekend

I wasn't kidding about a cleaning weekend, too bad the cleaning out of the storage unit creates chaos in the house!  Seriously, boxes everywhere at this moment!  Why I ever thought it was a good idea to collect fancy Barbies is beyond me,  oh yes and Beanie babies and I have loads of Hallmark ornaments form my Mother's storage....sigh, does anyone use Ebay anymore?  We got quite a bit done just Katlyn and I.  We will be making more trips during the week, but I think we have a good chance of getting it all clear before the 1st and that is $141.00 a month in savings!  Honestly so much stuff.  We did take a load over to Goodwill on Sunday and I have another 2 full boxes of dishes and household things and a 3rd box started.  We have a bag of blankets to take to the animal shelter and I hauled 2 boxes to the dumpster.  So pretty productive!
So much stuff!
I also had to do regular weekend duties as well and did I mention that it was 100 plus the entire weekend?
Laundry always needs doing!
The dogs ever so sweetly hung out with me during the weekend events while I did laundry they slept in the hall close by.  While I went through boxes they lounged on the couch and while I did dishes they sat by the kitchen waiting to see if I would give them a handout.  They were most helpful, especially Kid who thinks that every stuffed animal that comes into the house is his!  So a box full of Beanie Babies made him extremely happy.  I only let him keep a couple though :)
Chores?  We don't understand that word!
Now I did manage to get some crocheting in as well, not this hat I have pictured though since I actually completed that Thursday night but didn't have pictures, lucky I was able to find it again in the mess I made.  I am working on a new hat with red yarn and while it's somewhere on my coffee table I forgot to grab it this morning before leaving the house!  
baby hat #1
So there it is, my weekend.  Whew!  Oh yes and there were smoothies, lots of smoothies!  Katlyn is experimenting making smoothies, we got some basic ingredients and had fun. Of course nothing beats Jamba Juice so we did stop by yesterday after our last trip for the day at storage and when we went in the couple ahead of us in  line gave us one of their buy one get one coupons!  Tastes even better when it's half price!

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