Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's update

So the hats have begun.  Pretty sure right now in this heat that is all I will be doing because they are small and easy to handle.  This is a simple beanie done in a baby yarn that I picked up at Alysha's house with no label. Brooke wants a hat in this too.  I finished this hat last night actually, but haven't photographed it nor have I cut and woven in the tails, so I will get pictures over the weekend.  
Yarn and the Wii controller...good times!
So for some quick filler pictures....
Kid loves my bed, he loves to jump on it and tunnel under the many pillows I have (doesn't everybody have 8 pillows on their bed?) I come home daily to pillows strewn about from his playing.  I find his toys under them even.  Yesterday morning after getting ready for work and gathering my phone and shoes he jumped up and proclaimed himself King of the Pillows...ok,  I actually said that since he had plopped himself right in the middle of them!

King of the Pillows
I have a busy cleaning weekend planned and of course it's going to 100 plus degrees outside the entire weekend...ugh!  I have to get my storage unit cleared out before next month.  I realized I am paying out a ton of money monthly and heck, I can use that money elsewhere!  The bill has just been in my budget, so it comes out monthly and done, well finally clicked that I don't need to have a storage.  Well I do because I have too much stuff, but I am getting rid of it, everything must go.  Either I will find a place for it in the condo or the Goodwill will be getting it, but I am done.  Now saying that, it's 108 out right now and Katlyn and I are going after work to collect boxes.  Can I tell you, she's not all that happy about that idea!

So that's about it for now, I have 2 more hours left at work and then off to storage and then home where I will be sorting through boxes of things and sweating, there will be yarn in there as well and probably some Doctor Who as well.  I finished up with 10 and Rose again last night and yes there were tears again :)
I'll leave you with some nummy new M&M's.  White chocolate ones!
I love the holidays!
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